Bending Fatigue

The design concept of verope Special Wire Ropes offers many advantages to perform in a variety of demanding applications. The working conditions for wire ropes on modern cranes are very demanding with frequent changes in loadings, operating at high rope speed with constant change in reeving configurations. The angle of deflection between the rope, sheave and drum all considerably influence the service life of the rope.

By increasing the number of strands and the number of wires, this enlarges the contact surface area between rope and sheave groove / rope and drum which in turn reduce the treat pressure. Compacted and rotary swaged ropes increase the surface area and reduces the pressure even further. Flexible rope construction improve the spooling behaviour.

The steel-plastic combination rope construction stabilises the rope construction during installation and prolongs the actual service by reducing the risk of internal wire break. Due to the high service life, verope Special Wire Ropes can be used cost efficiently compared with standard rope constructions. Continuous quality improvements guarantee a calculable rope life.

Non rotation resistant ropes, under constant load:

Number of bending cycles