A proper lubrication during production contributes to corrosion resistance and minimizes the friction of the rope running over sheaves. At verope we investigate constantly in improving our lubrication methods and products. During production every single wire and strand receives lubricant, resulting in a proper coating in- and outside of the rope. In many applications a regular relubrication will contribute to increase the rope lifetime. To guarantee the compatibility of the products, verope offers a relubricant-spray under the brand «verolube». The composition of this lubricant is 100% compatible with the Ceplattyn lubricant used at manufacturing our steel/plastic combination ropes. The «verolube» product is as such recommended for these steel/plastic combination products.

  • Low viscous solvent based lubricant and preservative agent for any kind of wire ropes
  • Temperature range: - 35 / + 65 ˚C
  • Dewatering properties
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Good penetrating effect
  • Good protection against wear
  • Weather-proof
  • Prolongs cable life
  • Forms a none-dripping adhesive lubrication film