Powerful Partner

We have joined forces to guarantee your success. LTI  is cooperating with Verope AG, one of the top specialists in steel wire ropes in the world. Together, LTI  and Verope AG have developed special wire ropes crucial to meet the special needs of the 21st century market. An excellent product development through consistent innovation, strict quality control, price competitiveness, streamlined delivery and customer service are LTI ’s/Verope AG’s strength. With the cooperative effort of Verope AG’s know-how and its worldwide substantial connections, we now have a powerful pool of expertise which gives us the advantage of focusing on what we do best, create reliable up-to-date products that benefit our customers. Powerful partnership results in powerful products.

Excellent Quality

LTI /Verope AG are meeting customer demands for quality and safety by offering special wire ropes made out of compacted strands, fully lubricated and layered with plastic between the steel core and the outer strands. These ropes have much higher breaking loads and are more flexible compared to conventional wire ropes. In addition they withstand dynamic forces, provide maximum performance and operate smoothly. The high breaking loads of Verope AG brands special wire ropes give a competitive edge to our customers by reducing the diameters of the sheave and drum and the size of motor and gearbox. Furthermore, they allow longer service life due to lower specific stress on the rope. Most important, they assure increased reliability by means of excellent quality and safety. Our special wire ropes are a product you can rely on. We will focus on developing high value-added products - the next generation of special wire ropes.

High Performance

The excellent quality of material, the special design and structural stability of Verope AG branded special wire ropes increases performance most effectively and leads up to long term high performance. Longer service life, superior durability, safety and efficiency are the distinguishing features that make special wire ropes stand out clearly from the regular wire rope. Usually, this significant variance between quality results in significant difference between prices, too. LTI  and Verope AG maintain cutting-edge competitiveness in all fields of business, pricing policy included. Verope AG brand stands for lean structure, continuing management innovations, excellent product development, streamlined research analysis, cost reduction, improved productivity and strict quality control. It is efficiency that leads to our convincing price-performance ratio.