Plastic Layer

Steel-plastic combination – long fatigue life

The ongoing issue for the wire rope industry and end user is how to avoid / limit the internal damage, caused by constant friction and abrasion at the inside of a wire rope. The danger is that this internal damage is impossible to detect from the outside. A huge improvement in this regard was made by the steel / plastic combination rope designs, where the independent wire rope core is covered with a plastic layer before the outer strands are closed onto the core. This cushion avoids internal steel to steel cross over contacts and limits as such the damage caused by this phenomenon. A big part of the verope products have this steel /plastic combination design and the resin as well as the method used has proved its value over the years.


The main advantages are:

  • Prevents internal wire breaks
  • Seals in rope lubricant
  • Keeps out infiltration of water, dust, etc…
  • Reduces the internal stress
  • Improves the form stability of the rope
  • Absorbs dynamical energy
  • Reduces the noise level