Drum and Sheaves

Sheave dimensions


The sheave groove dimensions with reference to the rope diameter should correspond to:

r = 0,53 x d and h = 1,5 x d at the flange angle > 45 °

D/d ratio for sheaves. Minimum sheave dimension for verope products is 20 times the rope diameter. More favourable D/d ratio improves the service life of the rope due to reduced bending stress.

Single layer spooling

The lay direction of the verope products should always be chosen opposite the winding direction of the drum.

Multiple layer spooling

Increasing rope length requires good solutions for controlled spooling onto the hoisting drum. The following rope features improve the spooling:

  • First- and second layer spooled under tension (1 % to 2 % of M.B.L.)
  • Lang is lay rope construction
  • Compacted outer strands and / or rotary swaged rope construction
  • Ropes with high form stability to withstand increased lateral pressure


Drum and Sheave spooling angle

 The spooling angle can be reduced by using different drum designs. The spooling angle for rotation resistant ropes should not exceed 2 °. For non-rotation resistant ropes, the angle should not exceed 4 °.